Choosing The Right Window

With so many window configurations, it is sometimes difficult to make the right choice for performance and budget. Each room in your home is different, and has different operating and ventilation needs. For example, a slider or casement window may make more sense above a kitchen sink, because either would provide easier operation than a double hung.

Bathrooms and other areas may require tempered glass for additional safety, while laminated glass may be desired to keep criminals from entering your home. Many options carry additional expense, but many of the features that are available to help you fit your needs with the right window do not cost anything extra. Some possibilities, in fact, are provided to help you save money.

In any case, it may be wise to allow a qualified dealer to explain your purchasing options and assist you with your selection process. Replacing your home's windows, or selecting the right ones for your new dream house, requires a lot of thought and knowledge. This investment will have a lot to do with your home's appearance and energy efficiency. In any case, Ellison Windows and Doors will provide you with the tools to ensure that your investment is the right one for you.

Choosing The Right Glass

Where you live has a lot to do with the type of glass you should purchase. Thermal performance options like Low-E glass and argon gas can be added and are standard in the 1500 and 1600, but selecting the right combination is as important as selecting the right window configurations for your home. For example, if a room faces the sun for the majority of the day, consider Low-E glass for maximum solar control. In areas where severe temperatures exist, insulating argon gas may be necessary for maximum energy efficiency.

Choosing The Right Options

Ellison Windows and Doors offers most of its products in white or almond colors. From this basic shell, you can further distinguish your window or door selection with optional grids between the glass. We have either 5/8" or 1" contoured shapes available. You can further select your windows to be operating (ones that open and close) or fixed lite. Full screens may be standard or optional upgrades, so please specify your choice.

Our Series 1600 and casement windows for replacement can be ordered with beautiful beveled designs, and in either of two oak interior laminated shades. We even offer these shades on our #312 sliding patio door so your interior colors will match. Also available is a Bronze exterior finish (for series 1600, casement, awning, slider and #312 door). Brass grids and accents are also available on certain product lines to add style and beauty.

In short, you can tailor and customize your home with just about any style of window with hundreds of possible options. Please take the time to become familiar with your options, and to ensure that the windows and doors you select for your home will be the right ones. We encourage you to solicit professional assistance from a qualified dealer. Their knowledge and recommendations come from helping people select the right glass, options and window styles that best suit their needs.