Energy Savings


Low-E Coated Glass

Low-E GlassChoose Low-E for the most effective, insulating solar control glass available. Its special, double layer of silver coating dramatically limits the sun's penetrating heat during the summer by refl ecting long-wave heat energy. During cold winter months, Low-E maintains your home's warm, comfortable indoor temperature by permitting short-wave heat energy to enter, while keeping cold temperature out.

The key to maximum energy savings: optional Argon Gas between your Low-E glass panes. Like an invisible blanket, this insulating gas boosts your window's thermal performance. Low-E glass with insulating Argon Gas is optional in all Series 3000 and standard in all Series 5000 and Series 6000 windows, casements, awnings and sliders (except Series 120/130).

Ultra Low-E Glass with Argon Gas

For optimal energy effi ciency and maximum cost savings, choose our ultimate glass package: Ultra Low-E Glass with Argon Gas. Windows with this glass treatment offer superior thermal performance by combining three layers of silver with the insulating power of Argon. This glass option is designed to meet stringent energy code criteria anywhere low thermal numbers are desired.

Our Warm-Edge Glass Systems: It's What Gives Us Our Comfortable Edge

U-Channel• U-channel with thick, insulating buffered edge keeps heat and cold from traveling through the window by insulating the glass from the frame. In winter, the glass surface stays warmer, so you get less condensation. During summer, the surface stays cooler. Year-round, you enjoy nicer indoor temperatures.

• Triple-pane, R-5 compliant glass with Super Spacer® nXt™ sealant system provides industry-leading thermal resistance, noise reduction and protection from the sun. The Series 1800 offers this option with both Low-E glass with argon gas or Ultra Low-E glass with argon gas, for the ultimate in insulation.


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