Multiple Glass Options for New Construction Windows and Doors

With multiple glass options to increase energy efficiency, we have a glass package to fit any climate need and budget.

Low-E Glass

With Low-E glass, two layers of silver coating reflect heat back to its source. This means the heat stays outside in the summer, while your home stays warm and comfortable in the cold winter months. And because Low-E glass significantly reduces UV light, your furnishings, carpet and drapes are protected from the sun’s damaging rays.

Low-E Glass with Argon Gas

Enjoy even more comfort with the addition of insulating argon gas to your Low-E glass windows and doors. Argon is clear, odorless and denser than air, making it an ideal solution for enhanced insulation and noise buffering.

Ultra Low-E Glass with Argon Gas

For optimal energy efficiency and maximum cost savings, choose our ultimate glass package: Ultra Low-E Glass with Argon Gas. Windows with this glass treatment offer superior thermal performance by combining three layers of silver with the insulating power of argon. This glass option is designed to meet stringent energy code criteria anywhere low thermal numbers are desired. This option may be required for Energy Star rating.