New Construction Windows

  1. It is necessary that the window be installed plumb, level and square to insure proper performance and achieve compliance with manufacturer's warranty.
  2. Close and lock sash before installing window.
  3. Using a premium grade exterior silicone caulk, caulk the inside of the window fin where the fin will contact the rough opening (See top corner detail in Illustration A below).
  4. Center and level window in opening. Nail one top corner (1 3/4" roofing nails are recommended.) Then nail opposite corner making sure the window top is level. This will hang window to help assure unit is plumb, level and square.
  5. Shim window side jambs properly locating shims to minimize deflection of the frame. Use shims under frame jamb at sill to square window as required (See bottom window detail in Illustration B below.)
  6. Complete installation by nailing every other hole from the top down.
  7. Use fiberglass insulation (or equal) to fill all perimeter voids. (Do not use expandable foam insulation because of the possible chance for frame distortion which could impede proper operation of unit.)
  8. To avoid water seepage, always flash around perimeter after window is installed.
  9. Caulk the exterior perimeter between window frame and trim.

These instructions are meant as a guide only. They will cover most basic installation procedures, however, code compliance and architectural design may differ from instructions.